WWDC Keynote Bingo

Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with a two-hour keynote presentation on June 2nd. Apple's product roadmap calls for OS X 10.10 and iOS 8.0 to be introduced at this year's conference. But what else will be unveiled? The rumor mill is going crazy with possible product leaks and wild speculation.

Join in the tradition of “keynote bingo” as Apple reveals their latest software (and hardware?) updates to their customers and the press.

How to Play

Your card will update automatically as the keynote progresses, based on information I've gotten through the live blogs I'm watching and Apple's own live stream. This card is linked to you through a browser cookie, so refreshing will give you the same card. Click the “new card” button below if you really want a different bingo card.

New Card

There are no prizes for winning, just bragging rights. It costs nothing to play, but please consider a donation to my upcoming 5k run for Tourette Syndrome awareness.

Indoor Maps

New Apple TV

"Powerful" TV Ad

OSX 10.10


Jimmy Iovine

Siri Improvements

Home Automation

iPhone 6

Mobile Payments

iPad Air 2

New Mac Mini


Touchscreen Mac

Sales Figures

Apple TV Apps


Jony Ive

Siri on Apple TV

8GB iPhone 5S

No more 32-bit OSX

"Tips" App

iPad Pro


Dr. Dre